Our board

Every Association needs leadership and our WGA Board – made up of 5 members – keep themselves busy making sure the WGA runs smoothly.

The President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are elected by the member countries at the AGM, while the rest of the Competition Committee and Communications Chairperson are appointed by the Board.

  • President: Arturo Ramella
  • Vice President: Jiri Dunovsky
  • Secretary: Raimo Repola
  • Treasurer: Eija Orava
  • Board member: Frank Hartman

To reach any of the Board members, please email: president@w-g-a.net

  • Competition Committee Chairperson: Esko Orava
  • Communications Committee Chairperson: Alba Iglesias

To reach the Communications Committee Chairperson, pleaase email: albaiglesias@hotmail.com