News after Scotland!

Dear Goldpanners, here are some news we wanted to share after Scotland 2017.




1. Ragnar Pau GER
2. Hans Stützinger GER
3. Surprise Mdluli RSA

1. Cecile Thibaude FRA
2. Anette Rosan SWE
3. Thembi Anderson RSA

1. Veikko Keränen FIN
2. Antti Seppala FIN
3. Werner Matti SUI

1. Jouko Korhonnen FIN
2. David Millar CAN
3. Lea Seppala FIN

1. Robin Hartmann GER
2. Zuzanna Michalska POL
3. Zofi Hralova CZE

5 Member Team
1. Deadwood
2. Poznan
3. Austria 5

3 Member Team:
1. Kiwi Team
2. SSJ
3. Robin, Uwe und Pit

2 Member Team:
1. Golden & Adventure
2. Benna
3. Poldijk

National Team:
1. Italien
2. Schweden
3. Südafrika


  • After the AGM, we can announce that Canada will host the World Goldpanning Championship on 2021, congratulations!

Moffat2017Final day here at and these three met on the field! Almost 35 years’ history in one pic, from right to left former Presidents Kauko Launonen and Vincent Thurkettle together with Arturo Ramella. (Source Facebook WGA)


  • Our Secretary – Raimo Repola, was elected for a second mandate.
  • Our President – Arturo Ramella, Vice President – Jiri Dunovski, and Treasurer – Eija Orava, are at the beginning of last year of their mandate: Thank you for your hard work in these last 9 years.
  • Communication Committee will count with two new members who will help to carry all communication works out: Geraldine McCrossan and Christian Wolf. Welcome!

That’s all for the moment!

WGA Board Meeting in Zlotoryja

WGA Board meeting was held in Zlotoryja on day 26.5.2017

Board members decided to organise the meeting at a National event to have
the opportunity to gather with other goldpanners and to keep a lower level
the cost of the meeting for WGA.

Board members really appreciate and give huge thanks to the local
organizing ”Brotherhood of Gold” for help gave in organizing the meeting and
an international level competition event too.

Board members were pleased to participate in competition event and honoured
being part of opening ceremony and initiation rite of new members of
goldpanners’ brotherhood helden on stage right in the town centre of

At SBM the Board handled current issues and items concerning coming Annual
General Meeting (AGM) in Moffat, as follows:

  • WGA’s presidents review and vision for next year, the last of the mandate;
  • Items concerning Competitions as follows:
    – Feedback and reports from World and European Championships;
    – Handling of requests to change/review competition rules, from Italy,
    France and Great Britain;
    – Preliminary discussion about bids to host World/European Championships
    on years 2021-2022;
    – Updating the members of the Competition Committee.
  • Items concerning Communications as follows:
    – Updating about the current situation of WGA’s website and solutions;
    – Updating the members of the Communication Committee;
    – E-mail addresses of WGA officials for future years.
  • – Handling the WGA’s current financial situation.
  • – Projects for upcoming years.

Board encourages Member Nation associations to add to their activity some
projects to get more young people and families to be in interested in WGA
life, activities, championships. To support this area, WGA has reserved a sum of money every year for their projects. Board is awaiting applications and projects to be financed.

On behalf of WGA Board
Arturo Ramella, President
Raimo Repola, Secretary